28g x 6 Pcs Almonds & Seeds in Honey

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Nature Pure Almonds & Seeds in Honey uses premium quality honey for your complete health & nutrition.

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As the popular saying goes – ‘Health is Wealth’. Honey can turn anything into a special treat. The best part about this finger-licking treat is that it  is a powerhouse rich in antioxidants and loaded with minerals. All these nutrients together help in boosting your body’s metabolism thereby giving you instant energy and keeping you healthy. The nutri delight is a classic snack with a gourmet twist to bring you the tastiest experience in the realm of nuts.

Essential vitamins, minerals, proteins, fats and carbs

incredible combination


Nature Pure, with its unparalleled commitment towards quality recognises the importance of good health and well being.


One of the healthiest and purest natural product by Nature Pure. Provide your taste buds a new high and let them yearn for more.


Sourced directly from nature, with Nature Pure you can stay rest assured for purity and quality at its best.


Convenient Single Serves in leak proof packing to carry at all times.

Premium Quality


Nature Pure in keeping with its vision, brings traditional Indian health foods in new avataars.

Tasty as well as nutritious

Complete health & nutrition

Nuts combined with honey is an incredible combination. It is a complete meal which assures that our body gets all the essential vitamins, minerals, proteins, fats and carbs and much more. Premium quality nuts with the finest quality honey for complete nutrition.

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Superior taste, quality and benefits

These high quality almonds and seeds soaked in pure honey have more benefits than just taste. A power packed dose of energy and nutrition, these can be added to your cereal, eaten with yoghurt, baked into cakes or just as a snack.

Delivered Across India

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Backed by Research

Backed by professional research, we take utmost care to follow stringent quality control, maintaining the highest levels of hygiene.

Prompt Customer Support

Our team in our Delhi office is there for your assistance on the numbers mentioned at the bottom of the page, whenever you need them.

Trusted for over 17 years

Nature Pure started its operations in 2004 and is a established brand in India. Further, we have a strong forte in exports, serving internationally.

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Do not refrigerate. Keep at room temperature.

5 reviews for 28g x 6 Pcs Almonds & Seeds in Honey

  1. Guru Sekhar Das

    This product provided me with complete health and nutrition. First I would like to thank my friend (Shivi) who has offered me to have it. These high-quality almonds and seeds soaked in pure honey have more benefits than just taste. A power-packed dose of energy and nutrition, these can be added to your cereal, eaten with yogurt, baked into cakes, or just as a snack.
    Thank you NATURE PURE a lot!

  2. Teesha Mishra

    I found superior taste, quality, and benefits from NATURE PURE!

  3. Ankur Tyagi

    Almonds and seeds in honey are the best with their premium quality nuts. I got it in a pack of 6 PCS

  4. Shriyan Chowdhari

    My mother ordered it online and we received this product( Almonds and Seeds in Honey) from NATURE PURE with a beautiful packaging style. Thank you so much Nature Pure!

  5. Satyam Shivam

    Almonds and seeds in honey is very tasty and nutritious product by nature pure. I couldn’t resist myself to order this and I got the perfect and the best product.
    Thank you NATURE PURE!

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