250g Amla Khatta Meetha

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This variant of tangy amla is a favourite of all kids and adults alike. The herbs & spices in this Nature Pure Amla Khatta Meetha candy help in improving your digestive system along with all the other benefits of amla.

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If the bitter taste of amla was keeping you from including it in your diet, then you must try this Amla Khatta Meetha candy, which is a perfect blend of sweet and sour flavour. This fruit is an inexpensive superfood which offers a myriad of health benefits. It can give a boost to your immunity as it is packed with Vitamin C. The health benefits of amla are limitless and the fruit has always been revered as a wonder fruit that is a power source of various vitamins and nutrition. Nature Pure Amla Khatta Meetha is a delicious way to reap the benefits of the amazing Indian Gooseberry. Tingle the taste buds of your entire family and gift them good health with our range of amla.

Richest natural source of vitamin C

powerhouse of nutrients


Nature Pure, with its unparalleled commitment towards quality recognises the importance of good health and well being.


One of the healthiest and purest natural product by Nature Pure. Provide your taste buds a new high and let them yearn for more.


Sourced directly from nature, with Nature Pure you can stay rest assured for purity and quality at its best.


Amla has been described as "Dhatri"
(the God of Health) in Ayurveda.

Premium Quality


Produced with modern technology, integrated with old thoughts this healthy range is a concentration of nutrition and energy for all.

Tasty as well as nutritious

Also known as Indian gooseberries

Amla or Indian gooseberry protects against countless ailments, be it the common cold, cancer, or infertility. The Indian Gooseberry is also rich in Vitamin A that lowers the risk of age-related macular degeneration.

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Known for its anti-cancer properties

Consuming amla increases blood count and haemoglobin levels in the body, facilitating transfer of key nutrients to all the organs. Amla’s antibacterial and astringent properties boost one’s immune system.

Delivered Across India

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Backed by Research

Backed by professional research, we take utmost care to follow stringent quality control, maintaining the highest levels of hygiene.

Prompt Customer Support

Our team in our Delhi office is there for your assistance on the numbers mentioned at the bottom of the page, whenever you need them.

Trusted for over 17 years

Nature Pure started its operations in 2004 and is a established brand in India. Further, we have a strong forte in exports, serving internationally.

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5 reviews for 250g Amla Khatta Meetha

  1. Sujeet Kumar

    Amla sweet by nature pure has a really unique flavour. Very nice.

  2. Suman Jha

    This variant of tangy amla is a favorite of all kids and adults alike. That’s why I ordered it online for my kid and it is awesome. Thank you Nature Pure!

  3. Birendra Singh

    Best online services by Nature Pure!

  4. Bhawana Kumari

    I really love the tangy flavour of Amla Khatta Meetha. Amla’s antibacterial and astringent properties boost one’s immune system. I loved its qualities Thank you!

  5. Saket Kumar

    Nature Pure I tried your product Amla Khatta Meetha. It’s FREAKING AMAZING!!! What a change this has made to my health. It’s just brilliant!!! I want to thank you so much for doing your research and making this information and this product easily available to the public. Salute!

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